Precision is made from heart, Classics lies in action.

精建于心 精雕細琢


Sophisticated technology,precision technoligy,mainly in the relentless pursuit of TIAN, the challenge of technical problems You can spread the classic products,is the ability to innovate,substantial action.


Zhongtian adopts modernization management in the process from design, pattern-making to purchasing and production and aids dsign,making and management with advanced computer system.Think over every procedure and every production link in all-dimensional and every thread and needle displays the strict management system that “Zhongtian”people takes “Quality is the only life”.Let spirit, culture and connotation of the enterprise be displayed in every proud clothes.

Production technical staffs’ team with rich experience



Taking “striving to make every cloth” as business concept, keeping forging ahead,we have possessed a complete set of unique technique after several decades of continuous exploration and deposit,as well as with rich experience. What we focus most is not capital, but capital of knowledge, promoting modern management system,implementing rigid, reasonable and scientific management operation procedure,providing high quality,exquisite and sophisticated clothing for customers.

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